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Complex Systems Research Group
Creating sustainable solutions for complex futures.


To ensure a habitable planet and a future in which well-being is attainable for all humankind, we must create spaces that facilitate decision making by expertly navigating incomplete knowledge about highly interdependent, evolving systems. The Complex Systems Research Group (CSRG) will cultivate and design path breaking, transdisciplinary computational and inclusive modeling approaches for science at scale, empowering ASU to lead the world in creating sustainable solutions for complex futures.


The CSRG unites convergent research and expertise in complexity thinking and scientific computation to address urgent transdisciplinary questions about the future habitability of the planet and of sustainable social structures. Supporting ASU’s Charter, the CSRG endeavors to develop capacity for complexity science as a public good for science and society.


The CSRG endeavors to: 

  • Provide an institutional structure and professional development opportunities for researchers who combine deep knowledge of domain science with advanced technological expertise
  • Enable convergent research at the frontiers of complexity science and societal challenges
  • Promote best practices and transparency across diverse computational approaches for complexity science.
  • Support co-creation of knowledge and technology for systems-based problem solving at a societal scale
  • Advance GBCI and CSRG as a global hub for transdisciplinary complexity science
  • Lead the way on convergence research drawing on distributed collective expertise to answer compelling and specific problems.
  • Enable individual research agendas
  • Contribute to innovation in ASUs educational mission
Marielle Abalo
Graduate Teaching Assistant

Kenneth Aiello
Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Joffa M. Applegate
Assistant Research Professor

Michael Barton
Professor & Director

Sean Bergin
Assistant Research Professor

Enrico Borriello
Assistant Research Professor

Bryan Daniels
Assistant Research Professor

Margaret Hinrichs
Postdoc Research Associate

Marco Janssen
Professor & Director

Erik Johnston

Manfred Laubichler
Professor & Director

Allen Lee
Research Professional

Julia Lessios-Damerow
Scientific Software Engineer

David Little
Library Data Scientist

Brandon Mechtley
Assistant Research Professor

Deryc Painter
Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Calvin Pritchard
Assistant Research Professional

Taylor Quinn
Asst Scientific Software Eng

Michael Simeone
Assistant Research Professor

Eric Stribling

Kirsten Traynor
Faculty Research Associate