The open modeling foundation: an international community for integrative modeling of Human-Earth system dynamics.

Prof. Michael Barton, one of the keynote speakers for the 1st Regional Conference on Environmental Modeling and Software (Asian Region) held on May 18-20, 2019 in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, presented his contributions to the Open Modeling Foundation initiative.

Prof. Barton has been coordinating the Open Modeling Foundation which is an international consortium for common standards in modeling human and natural systems.

Other conference session presentations included were: Integrated Modeling for Complex Environmental System, Big Data Solutions for Environmental Simulation, Prediction and Management, Environmental Modeling for Human Society and Public Health, Modeling for Planetary Health and Environmental Sustainability, Novel Approaches and Advanced Methods for Environmental Modeling, and Modeling for Climate, Ecology, and other Natural Environments.


iEMSs 2019 Regional Conference in Nanjing China

There were nearly 150 conference participants from 10 different countries, with over 70 presentations, and 16 inspiring keynote speeches. The conference was a success and the team believes this conference has paved the ground for future exchanges between between scholars and experts from different countries, and benefitted to better explanation of environmental and modelling issues.