Grant awarded from the Alfred P Sloan Foundation to support the development of the Open Modeling Foundation.

ASU Center for Social Dynamic & Complexity (CSDC) has recently been awarded a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The awarded funds will help develop the Open Modeling Framework – a self-sustaining, open-access, community-driven platform capable of supporting an ecosystem of flexible and potentially interconnectable models to study complex interactions between people and the environment, and to address diverse societal and environmental issues at scales from local to global.

The Open Modeling Framework project represents a new generation of modeling technology that can represent complex human and natural systems and support integrative science based in complex systems concepts and methods. This new technology must be flexible enough to help us confront a rapidly changing environment and openly accessible so that scientists from around the world can actively contribute diverse insights. A combination of innovative technologies including software containerization, standard model API and ontologies, and web services software, with support from a community of modeling scientists, now makes this possible. 

There are planned workshops to introduce this project to stakeholders in modeling science and invite them to participate in the Open Modeling Framework creation and management. 

This scientific framework will allow scientists and planners worldwide to contribute to developing modeling tools across the social, ecological, environmental and geophysical sciences, and make them openly accessible to help sustainably manage our planet. By enabling a global community of modeling scientists to leverage each other's expertise and work in ways not currently possible, the OMF technology and standards offers to catalyze a surge of new research and modeling applications designed to improve the quality of life in communities throughout the globe.

To learn more about this project, contact Dr. Michael Barton who heads the CSDC and this project.