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Making Sense of a Babbling Equilibrium across Common-pool Resources Frameworks



Conceptual frameworks provide a language with which to describe the states and dynamics of common-pool resource (CPR) management systems. Coding manuals define the vocabulary of coding questions and relationships that comprise CPR frameworks. As empirical study contributes to conceptual advance, it is tempting to offer novel framework languages without also translating coding vocabularies around which existing frameworks are built. However, if the scholarly community is to generate robust knowledge for the study of CPR dilemmas, we must also provision for the underlying work of translation across frameworks. In this paper, we report on one way the community might provision such translation. We present the process, results, and challenges of using a group  consensus process to link the more than 450 coding questions derived from original Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) Framework to the recently proposed Coupled Infrastructure Systems (CIS) Framework. Despite much overlap, discrepancies in the conceptual languages of the IAD and CIS Frameworks suggest a need to modify or create several new coding questions related to concepts of system boundaries, externalities, cross-scale interactions, multiple functionalities, and technological change. We offer the idea of provisioning a Wiki-site to serve as a piece of shared infrastructure for commons scholars to help navigate the continued challenges of tailoring framework languages and coding vocabularies to evolving common-pool resource management dilemmas.

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Published April 6, 2018

Michael J. Bernstein, Arizona State University

Madeline Tyson, Arizona State University

Ute Brady, Arizona State University

Cathy Rubinos, Arizona State University

Hoon Cheol Shin, Arizona State University

Sechindra Vallury, Arizona State University

Skaidra Smith-Heisters, Arizona State University

Elicia Ratajczyk, Arizona State University