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Key criteria for successful collaborative management of natural resources



Achieving the Sustainable Development goals is going to require plenty of collaboration – across scales, over space and among a wide variety of stakeholders. It is therefore important that we learn how to collaborate successfully. The question of what makes collaborative management or governance successful has been considered by scholars across several disciplines. However, these largely separate conversations have been taking place in sub- disciplinary clusters of literature without much overlap. We reviewed these clusters of literature and chose to focus on meta-studies that made essential lists of the key criteria for successful collaboration we identified eleven such pieces of literature. Then we conducted a matching process by which we honed the various list from the 11 seminal pieces of literature into 20 total variables. We see this list as a robust list of key criteria derived from the literature that should be tested by looking at various case studies. We have therefore created a code book explaining each variable or key criterion (as well as a large number of contextual variables to consider) and a written practitioner brief based upon this code book. We hope to then use the empirical evidence from cases to evaluate and potentially rank the criteria in terms of importance for success.

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