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Drylab 2023: Living a Possible Future with Resource Scarcity



Eight female time travelers experienced a not-too-distant future of water scarcity in an isolated location in the Mojave Desert for four weeks. They could not use more than four gallons (= 15 liters) of water per person per day and consumed a water-wise vegan diet. This article reports and reflects on the experience of this art-science project. We show that the participants had no difficulty adjusting to a resource scarce environment or living in a remote location. Although many technical solutions are available to support a transition to a sustainable future, this experiment shows that behavioral changes alone could be sufficient without a negative impact on the quality of life. This leads us to reflect on the role of social and biophysical contexts in our ability to change our lifestyles. 

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Published October 13, 2017

Marco A. Janssen, Arizona State University

Adriene Jenik, Arizona State University

Sarra Z. Tekola, Arizona State University

Krista Davis, Arizona State University

Shalae Flores, Arizona State University

Willa Gibbs, Arizona State University

Molly Koehn, Arizona State University

Val Lyon, Arizona State University

Cydnei Mallory, Arizona State University

Sydney Rood, Arizona State University