Experimental Games

Keeping up shared infrastructure on a Port of Mars: An experimental study

Friday, December 13, 2019

In this study, we present a new game, Port of Mars, that allows for the study of collective action in extreme environments. The game is situated in the first‐generation habitat on Mars, to provide an engaging narrative of a collective action problem under high uncertainty. This pilot study finds that most groups are able to avoid the collapse of the habitat and that the existence of thresholds makes groups risk‐averse.

Games for Groundwater Governance: Field Experiments in Andhra Pradesh, India

Monday, August 18, 2014

Groundwater is a common pool resource which experiences depletion in many places around the world. The increased use of irrigation and water demanding cash crops stimulate this development. We present results of field experiments on groundwater dilemmas performed in hard rock areas of Andhra Pradesh, India. Two NGOs (Foundation for Ecological Security and Jana Jagriti) ran the games in communities in which they were working to improve watershed and water management. Games were played with groups of five men or five women, followed by a community debriefing.